1.2. Business Vocabulary - General

It is essential that you select specific words and phrases applicable to your line of business. A good suggestion is to keep a vocabulary list and update it with new words regularly. Below is a preliminary list from Cambridge English.

You can also practise your business English in a PDF that you can download here from academia.edu. Keep the PDF. I will be referring to it and ask you to do exercises in it.

Exercise 1.

Read the clues on page 1 and do the crossword puzzle on page 2.

Exercise 2.

Under "Appraisals, training, and staff development do questions 1 to 10 in the quiz. Make sure that you enter the words in the spaces provided on page 3 of the PDF. Be sure to match the letter in bold space to the letter in the shaded space on the line below. Thereafter, complete the rest of the exercise on pages 3 and 4.

Exercise 3.

Do exercise 2 on page 4 and 5 of the PDF.

Exercise 4.

Choose the most appropriate word from those provided to complete sentences 11 – 20. in the quiz.

Exercise 5.

Read and ensure that you understand the words in the vocabulary list PDF below (from Cambridge University). Send me a note should you have any problems. Study 2 pages of words before or after each lesson.

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